the Yucatan Tour

Bring a friend and get a 600$ discount

Cities & visits on this tour:
Taxco, Mérida,
San Cristobal de las Casas, Patzcuaro, Sumidero Cañon, Xcaret, Palenque, Chetumal, Cancún, Catemaco, México, Chichèn itzá, Mérida, Campeche, Villahermosa, Veracruz, Matehuala, Teotihuacan, San Juan Chamula, Oaxaca, Taxco, Teotihuacan, Puebla, Playa del Carmen
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3,820$ per RV with persons 2 on board

3,340$ for 1 person 60 day Tour of the Yucatan

8 & 9th January : Rendezvous in Hidalgo, Texas, WIFI for pre trip meeting, Vehicle inspections and last minute preparations, Get your free Mexican Cell. Phone.
3 nights : on route to Matehuala WIFI (campground, E-W-S)
3 nights : Zacatecas WIFI (campground, E-W-S)
5 nights : VillaCorona/Guadalajara WIFI (campground, E-W-S) (Showers) City tour, **Tonala/Tlaquepaque Lunch at a restaurant with Mariachis, **Visit a Tequila Hacienda & distillery
2 nights: Patzcuaro WIFI (campground, E-W-S)
6 nights : **Mexico & Taxco WIFI (campground, E-W-S) Mexico & Taxco Bus Tour to the pyramides of the Moon and the Sun in Teotihuacan, 2 nights hotel stay downtown Mexico City, Bus Tour to the magical City of Taxco
3 nights : Veracruz WIFI (campground, E-W-S) (Showers)
2 nights : Catemaco WIFI (campground, E-W-S) (Showers) Boat ride on the lake
6 nights : Villahermosa WIFI (campground, E-W-S) (Showers)
3 nights : Campeche WIFI (campground, E-W-S, swimming pool, restaurant) (Showers) (City tour)
3 nights : Mérida (campground, E-W-S) (Showers) (**Mardi Gras Carnaval) (**City tour)
1 night : Chichèn Itzá WIFI (campground, E-W-S) (Showers) (Visit ruins)
4 nights : Cancun WIFI (campground, E-W-S) (Showers)
1 night : **Xcaret WIFI (parking lot)
4 nights : Chetumal WIFI (campground, E-W-S) (Showers)
3 nights : Palenque WIFI (campground, E-W-S) (**Visit ruins) San Cristobal de las Casas Boat ride true the Sumidero Cañon & shopping in the Indian market in **San Juan Chamula
1 night : Tehuantepec (parking lot) (no campground here)
3 nights : **Oaxaca WIFI (campground, E-W-S) (Showers)
3 nights : **Puebla WIFI (campground, E-W-S) (Showers)
1 night : San Luis Potosi WIFI (parking lot) (no campground here)
7 & 8th of March : (campground, E-W-S) (Showers) On route for the border
** = Trip highlights that should not be misted