the Yucatan Tour

Bring a friend and get a 600$ discount

Call or write us for more information

3,820$ per RV with persons 2 on board

3,340$ for 1 person 60 day Tour of the Yucatan

8 & 9th January : Rendezvous in Hidalgo, Texas, WIFI for pre trip meeting, Vehicle inspections and last minute preparations, Get your free Mexican Cell. Phone.

2 nights : on route to Matehuala WIFI (campground, E-W-S)

3 nights : Guanahuato WIFI (campground, E-W-S)

6 nights : **Mexico & Taxco WIFI (campground, E-W-S) Mexico & Taxco Bus Tour to the pyramides of the Moon and the Sun in Teotihuacan, 3 night hotel stay downtown Mexico City & Tasco, Bus Tour to the magical national park of Cacahuamilpa Caves

2 nights : Veracruz WIFI (campground, E-W-S) (Showers)

2 nights : Catemaco WIFI (campground, E-W-S) (Showers) Boat ride on the lake

4 nights : Villahermosa WIFI (campground, E-W-S) (swimming pool & Showers) Visite by bus 2 night hôtel stay in the center of San Cristobal de las Casas, Boat ride true the Sumidero Cañon & shopping in the Indian market in **San Juan Chamula

3 nights : Palenque WIFI (campground, E-W-S) (**Visit ruins)

3 nights : Chetumal WIFI (campground, E-W-S, swimming pool, restaurant) (Showers)

6 nights : Cancun WIFI (campground, E-W-S) (Showers)

1 night : Chichèn Itzá WIFI (campground, E-W-S) (Showers) (Visit ruins)

3 nights : Mérida (campground, E-W-S) (Showers) (**Mardi Gras Carnaval) (**City tour)

1 night : Jalapa del Marqués (parking lot) (no campground here)

3 nights : **Oaxaca WIFI (campground, E-W-S) (Showers)

3 nights : **Puebla WIFI (campground, E-W-S) (Showers)

2 nights : Patzcuaro WIFI (campground, E-W-S) (Showers)

3 nights : Villa Corona WIFI (campground, E-W-S) (Showers)

4 nights : Mélaque WIFI (campground, E-W-S) (Showers)

2 nights : Zacatecas WIFI (campground, E-W-S) (Showers)

7 & 8 of March : On the road for the border

** = Trip highlights that should not be misted