About us

A little background on Louise & I.

Married since 1965 and raising two children in a small Québec town while I was working as an electrical contractor, Louise and I both decided once the children had left the nest in 1992 that we would close the business and start to look for something else.

All this new found liberty was very appealing to us. Louise and I took off on a new adventure. With my trade it was easy for me to find work. Louise had experience in administration, so she had no problems either. Together we roamed Canada and the United States.

One day a friend said to me (You know Mexico well and you love Mexico why don’t you open a caravan tour company) we had travelled to Mexico every year since 1984 in our RV. We both love Mexico, we speak Spanish having learned it in college. Louise and I enjoy the company of Mexicans and we enjoy showing this beautiful country to others.