Here’s a list of the questions people ask us the most. If you have a question and you can’t find the answer on this page, please contact us by email at

  • Food?
    Mexico you can get everything you need at major grocery stores along the way. Here are a few names of big chain outlets; Chedraui, Soriana, Pelicanos or Wal-Mart.
  • Drinking water?
    Mexicans also drink bottled water therefore you can buy it all over
    Mexico. If you have your own 20liter bottle, you can have it refilled. All restaurants visited have bottled water.
  • Fuel?
    Mexicans have one brand only. The name is PEMEX, the services stations are government operated, big and modern but you must pay in cash only (credit cards are not accepted).
  • What to expect on the road?
    When we are on the road, we travel all together, leaving approximately 300ft. between each rig. The departures are at
    8 A.M. in the morning on travel days. We take 15 minute breaks every two hours and 30 minutes for lunch. The distance traveled is from 150km. for the shortest to 470km. for our longest day.
  • GPS?
    If you are planning to travel in Mexico with your RV. Here are a few tips about GPS and maps. We use Garmin nüvi200 and MSN Streets & Trips on our computer. If you have a Garmin GPS, don’t buy Mexican downloads for your model. We can help and guide you to a fantastic bargin.
  • Mechanical breakdowns?
    If you have a breakdown we will assist you so you can get back on the road. For major repairs we will bring you to a mechanic, make sure that all the details are worked out so that you can rejoin the caravan after the repairs are finished.
  • Bicycle?
    If you love to cycle during your RV trips. You should bring your bicycles with you on the tour.
  • The campgrounds?
    We chose the best campgrounds available in the places that we visit on our tours. Certain campgrounds are very nice others are not. Some have all the services and some have limited services. The majority are not up to our standards but that’s
    Mexico. When we are on some beach’s you mite not have all the services but the scenery will take your breath a way and you can empty your grey & black water at the next campground. Your campground fees must be paid in cash (credit cards are not accepted).
  • Canadian TV Reception?
    Star Choice is the only antenna that is good for
    Mexico and Central America. Bell Expressvue will not work this far south.
  • How much money should I have in my possession?
    We recommend that you travel with debit cards and credit cards. There are ATM’s all over
    Mexico. Before crossing the Mexican border you should have a minimum of 8,000 Pesos in cash on you for the beginning of the trip; fuel, restaurants and campgrounds, etc…
  • Can my family reach me in case of an emergency?
    The phone system works very well in
    Mexico. Free Mexican cell phone for you to keep with 200$ Pesos of air time included for phoning home or friends.
  • Can I bring my dog or cat?
    Yes your pet can come along but you must keep him on a leash at all times in order to respect other RV’ers that don’t have pets You should visit your vet before the trip and bring with you proof that your pet as received all vaccinations & is in good health .
  • What if I don’t speak Spanish?
    Most of our customers do not speak Spanish. You are not the only ones. We will always be with you to help you get what you need (shopping & visits). Louise will gladly teach you a few simple words that you will be able to practice during the tour.